This page is under construction. It does not reflect all my skills. I am conservative in my estimates of mastery below. For example, I code in R > 1500 hours/yr but that does not make me a master of R - far from it. R is so big and ever-evolving, no one can master R! The same is true of many of the disciplines below. Be wary of anyone that proclaims they master any technology.

Some of Cliff's skills

Technical Skills

R Programming 85%
Data Science 80%
Statistics 60%
Machine Learning 65%
Data Visualization 50%
Feature Engineering 85%
AzureML 85%
Power BI 65%
Product Management 99%
Agile/SCRUM 95%

Sampling of machine learning model experience

Random Forests / GBM 80%
Clustering Algorithms 90%
SVM 70%
Logistic Regressions 85%
GLMs 80%
Naive Bayes 50%
Light GBM 60%
Neural Networks 60%