Cliff Weaver - Who is he?

Who I am, what I have done and what my aspirations for the future are different but connected by a common theme - an unrelenting passion for collaboration, data, creativity, and innovation.

Who am I? At heart I am a technologist that loves to create innovative business solutions in a collaborative environment with bright enthusiastic peers. I want to move fast to capitalize on opportunities. I eschew wasteful policies and procedures in favor of experimentation, execution and progress. I want to move the ball forward every day.

Over that past several years I have pursued opportunities to build, mentor, excite and lead data science teams to exploit organizational data assets to discover new opportunities to capture market share, reduce operating costs, develop new markets and drive operational efficiencies. I have led data science team building for a large well-known technology company, leading fintech organizations and small startups entrepreneurial companies. Mentoring and leading data science throughout organizations is one of the most rewarding experiences I have had the honor to serve. I hope this is the role I may continue in the future.

What have I done? A lot in different industries. The purpose was always the same - to make the business better and develop those around me to grow and succeed. I have deep technology knowledge in all aspects of enterprise architecture, app development, and emerging IT trends while rationalizing business requirements and correlating for optimum investment value.

I have supplemented my work experience by continuing education - I am a lifetime learner. While my formal education covers engineering, business and law, my certifications highlight my varied interests including project and product management, many IT certifications, SCRUM, statistics, data science and machine learning.

What are my aspirations? I want to capitalize on all of my skills to drive significant business growth quickly using business acumen, leadership and a passion for data science. Data science - a skill set that combines, computer science, statistics, operations research, engineering, business insights and strategy and the impact it can have on a business - defines what I have done, what I study and where I want to complete my working life. I enjoy building data science teams as well as joining existing teams to build a learning organization driven by data in an environment that is results–driven that understands the difference between activity and results.

Ready to move fast? I am.

I mentioned that I am lifetime learner. If you are interested in the 30+ courses I have taken in the last couple of years, take a .

Feel free to take a look at my resume. I have two. One is traditional. Because I have been working for more years than I wish to remember, my passion and dedication to data gets lost in the experiences. Therefore, I also provide a link to a PDF that focuses on data science and machine learning.
Perhaps I can help you?

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