Statistics File List

Name Description Date
BasicProbabilityDistrib.html Just as the file name suggests - probability distributions. I know this is fundamental statistics, but I often refer to this document. It is easy to get confused with so many commands that are so similar. 7/3/2017
PValuesControversy.html This is not my original work but I did make modifications. This document might put you to sleep unless you are really interested on a topic that is hotly debated by the statistics cloud. Shamefully, I found it intersting! 7/3/2017
CorrelationLinearRegression.html Before going into complex model building, looking at data relation is a sensible step to understand how your different variable interact together. Correlation look at trends shared between two variables, and regression look at causal relation between a predictor (independent variable) and a response (dependent) variable. 7/3/2017
Simpsons.html You need to understand Simpsons Paradox. What can occur is a trend or association that appears between two different variables reverses when a third variable is included. You will stumble into or at least need to be on the lookout for this effect of spurious correlation when you have unbalanced group sizes, like you often have using observational data. 7/3/2017